What are the cases that fall within CRSD jurisdictions?

Pursuant to Article (30) of the Capital Market Law, CRSD shall have jurisdiction over the following cases: a. Public actions,   which are brought against violators of the Capital Market Law and its implementing regulations, and the regulations, rules and instructions of the Authority, the Exchange, the Depository Center, the Clearing Center. b. Private actions, which are brought by investors in securities against Capital Market Institutions or between capital market institutions, c. Grievance claims against decisions and procedures issued by the Authority, the Exchange, the Depository Center, or the Clearing Center. d. Actions of emergent nature that are brought before CRSD for issuing  temporary decisions within the scope of the Law and its Implementing Regulations. e) All civil and criminal lawsuits and disputes arising from the application of the provisions of the Companies Law and its regulations, and the imposition of penalties on violators, with regard to listed joint stock companies.