Foreign Investors



The Capital Market Authority has made many efforts and measures to raise the attractiveness of the Saudi financial market and enhance the entry of foreign investors directly or indirectly, starting by allowing foreign resident investors to invest in the Saudi stock market directly, allowing foreign investors to enter the Saudi stock market through swap agreements, allowing qualified foreign investors to invest in listed securities, allowing foreign strategic investors to own strategic stakes in listed companies, and allowing foreign investors to directly invest in debt instruments .
The Capital Market Authority seeks to contribute to achieving the goals of the Kingdom's 2030 vision through The Financial Sector Development Program, which aims to create an attractive environment for both local and foreign investors. As the authority works to stimulate investment in the financial market and enhance its role in capital formation, in addition to developing infrastructure, enhancing its stability and raising the level of governance and transparency therein.


A foreign investor who is non-resident in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can invest in the  securities through one of the following:

  1.  As a qualified foreign investor, according to the Rules for Qualified Foreign Financial Institutions Investment in Listed Securities, which allows the investor to invest in all listed securities.
  2.  As an ultimate beneficiary in swap agreements, according to the Authority’s circular issued in this regard, which allows the investor to invest in all listed securities.
  3.  As a foreign strategic investor, according to the Instructions for the Foreign Strategic Investors' Ownership in Listed Companies, which allows the investor to invest in listed companies shares.
  4.  As a direct investor, which allows the investor to invest in the parallel market, debt market, in addition to investment funds.



For more information about non-resident foreign investors categories and the relevant conditions and controls refer to the Foreign Investor Guide in the Saudi Securities .





For more details, refer to related regulations, circulars, instructions and FAQs