​​Human Resources

Human Resources works as a prime resource in the success of the CMA’s operations. CMA views its employees as valuable assets who distinguish CMA performance and support objective achievement.

Appreciating this, CMA concentrates on developing positive human resources by organizing a distinguished set of developing programs and activities and recruiting skilled and distinctive professionals who display enthusiasm for CMA objectives.

CMA also offers its employees diverse opportunities for career growth through different development programs. It gives due attention to social aspects through social programs offered to its employees that promotes balance between an employee’s work needs and his personal life outside the workplace.

Human Resources advocates strategic and clear objectives that can be summarized as follows:

  •     Provide superior competitive advantages to recruit, develop and attract the best talents.
  •     Provide unlimited investment in human resources through development programs.
  •     Furnish quality of service to enhance employee satisfaction.

Work Environment

CMA adopts the highest professional standards to create a competitive and proper work environment for all its employees within the framework of a number of standards, such as:

  • Continuing Development: CMA constantly develops and improves its business policies and procedures, laws and programs used to run tasks, thus, enhancing services provided to participants in the capital market and supporting the growth of the national economy. 
  •  Excellence: CMA is known for its competent employees. It seeks the development of their skills and expertise to achieve the highest levels of quality, efficiency and professional conduct and provide the best services to participants in the capital market.

  • Communication and Consultation: Promoting professional cooperation, consultation and communication as a work team that carries itself with the highest levels of conduct when handling capital market participants, within and outside CMA.

  • Social Responsibility and Staff Care: CMA believes that its employees are its greatest assets and that strengthening their loyalty benefits the society and the Kingdom. CMA is dedicated to creating a supportive, motivating work environment and providing various development, training and financial awareness programs to the society.

  • Responsibility: Demonstrating the sense of responsibility and duty CMA has towards its community and personnel, and the responsibility borne by its employees towards their tasks, and working honestly and faithfully to achieve its vision and mission.

Employment Requirements

CMA is keen to recruit the most efficient and top qualified candidates to fill their need in the workforce. That is if all the conditions are met and the competition method is applied according to the following:


Career Path & Employee Development Tools

CMA fosters developing career paths for all employees based on performance and level of acquired skills. This support assists the improvement of an employee’s performance and his career development while securing employee aspirations. It also reduces turnover rates and maintains jobs stability. This is done through several development programs which are:

  • High Potential Program:
    This program provides a special career path development targeting distinguished employees to prepare them for future leadership positions at CMA.
  • Performance Management Program:
    This program identifies points of strength in employee performance in addition to the points that need to be developed.  A scientific development plan based on that is then adopted for each employee in order to identify his training needs under CMA’s jobs approved competencies.
  • Regional & International Attachment Programs:
    On-The-Job Attachment Program is one of the most distinctive programs offered by CMA to improve its employees’ performance by associating them to similar entities. Providing employees with more exposure and knowledge in their fields of specialization, the program helps them develop their skills and knowledge considerably.
  • Professional Certifications and Affiliations:
    To secure continuous exposure to recent pertinent developments, CMA bears all costs of enrollment for its employees in any professional affiliation program, along with the tuition fees.
  • Job Rotation Program:
    This program provides opportunities to CMA employees to work in more than one department by assigning different tasks and responsibilities that will enhance their work knowledge and augment their skills and capabilities, eventually maximizing their output in different CMA departments.
  • Conferences, Technical Seminars and International Professional Workshops:
    Along with conventional training programs, CMA encourages employee participation in technical seminars and sessions in all pertinent fields and specialities.
  • Scholarships:
    CMA provides its employees with the opportunity to pursue their Post-Graduate studies abroad in areas relevant to its activities.
  • Educational Aid Program:
    CMA pays employee tuition fees enrollment in parallel education institutions (on a part-time basis or otherwise) or a registration in any local educational units and provides off-days for exam periods.

Development Programs at CMA

Based on one of CMA’s objectives represented in supporting the development of the Authorised Persons and the development of the human resources in the capital market sector, CMA has been working on developing a group of programs aimed at students of colleges, institutes and universities during their studying period to complete their graduation requirements. There are also different programs for graduates as well.  Some of these programs are:

  1. Cooperative Training Program click here
    This program offers opportunities for college and higher education students whose specialities require relevant and practical training for CMA departments. CMA provides special support and competitive advantages for employees so they can realize their objectives
  2. CMA’s Graduate Development Program click here
    This program aims to attract the best graduates in related specialities to CMA in order to develop their knowledge and practical skills through on-the-job training in the Capital Market areas and activities.
  3. CMA’s Program for Diploma holders
    This program aims to develop the best diploma holders to professionally practice various support jobs through on-the-job training.
  • To join CMA work team or apply for one of the programs  [Click​ here]