Private Funds

​​​​Investment fund includes a range of securities to choose according to the principles and criteria specific check the investment objectives of the Fund, in addition to achieving the benefit of diversification for the investor fund, which lowers the overall risk level of investment. And avoid restrictions funds investments, which are usually located on individual investments, Vihakq have more ability to diversify, and the decline in the sale and purchase of stock costs. It consists of investment funds typically profit from capital gains, or profits resulting from improvement or change in the stock prices of the investor as well as dividend distributions, if any, of securities. The Fund is exposed to loss and in the case of lower securities comprising the Fund's assets value.​​​​​​


The following register shows information of Private investment funds which units have been  offered as a private placement  in accordance to the Investment Funds Regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority (CMA). The CMA's publication of this register shall not be considered as a verification of the feasibility of  investment in these funds in any way, the CMA expressly disclaims any liability incurred or could be incurred from investing in these funds, or  from using  or relying on the information in the register.

 The investment funds mentioned in this register are addressed to specific persons in accordance to the Investment Funds Regulations and are not for public offering, investing in such funds involves high risk, the potential unitholders  who  are willing to invest in them shall consult their
legal and financial advisors on the feasibility or appropriateness of investing in them and shall revise the relevant documents to be able to estimate feasibility and appropriateness of investment.

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