Capital Market Authority’s strategic plan 2021-2023

​​The Financial Sector Development Program

The Financial Sector Development Program, is one of the 12 executive programs launched by the Council of Economic and Development Affairs (CEDA) to achieve the objectives of Vision 2030. The program seeks to develop the financial sector as a diversified and effective financial services sector to support the development of the national economy by stimulating savings, finance and investment.

The FSDP main partners are: (Ministry of Finance, Saudi Central Bank , Capital Market Authority). The program seeks to diversify the financial sector to support the development of the national economy, stimulate savings, finance and investment, and increase the efficiency of the financial sector to address and address the challenges.

The program is underpinned by three main pillars:

  • Enabling financial institutions to support private sector growth.
  • Developing an advanced capital market.
  • Promoting and enabling financial planning​.

The program seeks to achieve five objectives:

  1. Financial diversity.
  2. Financial inclusiveness.
  3. Financial stability.
  4. Digital transformation.
  5. Depth of the financial sector.

This document reviews the main objectives and initiatives of the program:

Financial Sector Development Program Document



​Capital Market Authority’s strategic plan 2021-2023

Through its strategic plan, the CMA seeks to position the Saudi capital market as main market in the Middle East and one of the leaders financial markets in the world, and to be an advanced market and attractive to domestic and foreign investment, enabling it to play a pivotal role in developing the economy and diversifying its sources of income.

The program consists of four main pillars, as the following:

1- Facilitating Funding: Deepening the Capital Market and Promoting its Role in Raising Capital.

2- Encouraging Investment: Supporting the growth of asset management and promoting institutional investment.

3-Promoting Confidence: Reinforcing the Capital Market's Regulatory Structure.

4-Building Capacities: Supporting the development of market participants.


The strategic plan aims to achieve the objectives and initiatives of the second pillar  the Financial Sector Development Program (FSDP) by deepening the financial market, developing the sukuk and debt instruments markets, enhancing the role of funds in financing the national economy, supporting the growth of asset management industry and enhancing institutional investment. emphasis market attractiveness, diversify investment products, and encourage investment and facilitate it to investors.

Further, it will enhance the role of the Saudi financial market in providing financing , developing infrastructure, enhancing market stability, raising the level of governance and transparency in the financial market and raise awareness and investment culture for market  participants though the enhancing capital market data availability.

CMA will focuses also on  developing the regulations and  the regulatory environment of the Saudi financial market resulting in enhancing  justice and ensuring investors protection, as well as enhancing adherence to international standards to enhance attractiveness  and competitiveness. Further , it  program will also focus on capacity building of the market  

The document highlights the main objectives and initiatives of the CMA's Strategic plan 2021-2023

Capital Market Authority’s strategic plan 2021-2023