Capital Market Qualification Examinations


The Capital Market Authority is keen on providing professional qualified cadres to work in the securities industry in the Saudi capital market. Thus, it has developed a series of qualifying examinations, which are required for the persons to be registered with the CMA in order to ensure their efficiency and professionalism in performing their registrable functions within the Authorized Persons in the Saudi capital market.

Candidates must pass these examinations to be eligible to practice the functions stated in Part Four of the Authorized Persons Regulations issued by the Board of the CMA pursuant to its Resolution No. 1-83-2005, dated 28/6/2005.

In addition and as part of its efforts to raise awareness in the securities industry, the CMA also encourages all Saudis, who aspire to develop their expertise in this area and have a minimum of a high school diploma, to enroll for and obtain these qualification certificates.


Available CMEs are as follows:

  • The General Securities Qualification Certificate (CME-1)
  • The Compliance & AML/CTF (CME-2).
  • The Broker-Dealer Qualification Certificate (CME-3)

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Exams Operation Unit:


The General Securities Qualification Examination (CME-1) is the basic examination that is primarily directed towards registerable functions within the Authorized Persons in the Saudi capital market. Independent candidates may also sit for this examination as promulgated and administered by the Capital Market Authority. And as stated in the Parallel Market Listing Rules that obtaining the certificate is one of the criteria to be a Qualified Investor. The Examination is broad in nature and covers a wide area of knowledge on securities investment, and related analytical tools in economics, financial statements as well as the relevant law and regulations.

1. Study Materials:



The Compliance & AML/CTF module (CME-2) is specifically developed to cater for the Authorized Persons’ personnel who are directly involved in performing the compliance function as well as those involved in supervising the compliance function. This module is developed to provide the necessary knowledge regarding the compliance function in the securities business, and to prepare candidates taking Compliance & AML/CTF (CME2) module examination.



The Broker-Dealer Qualification Certificate (CME-3) is specifically developed for those who are involved in trading of securities in the local and international equity markets within an Authorized Person, especially those related to broker-dealer function. Registered persons in other functions such as advising and managing may also find the content to be relevant and useful. A study material is developed to assist candidates to acquire the necessary knowledge related to the broker-dealer functions and to prepare candidates to sit for the Broker-Dealer Qualification Certificate (CME-3).

The International Certificate in Wealth & Investment Management by CISI

The International Certificate in Wealth & Investment Management covers the essentials of financial planning, private client asset management, fund management, advisory functions and investment analysis from a global perspective. The qualification will ensure that candidates have the knowledge and understanding of assets and investment products available in the capital markets, and find appropriate solutions to meet the investment, retirement and protection planning needs for clients i.e. investors. 
It is required for all candidates to be registered under the Management activity such as fund managers, investment portfolio managers and investment analysts in the asset and portfolio management functions.

Advanced CMA Qualification Examination

Given the importance of functions related to compliance and AML/CTF, and in an endeavor to raise the level of efficiency of the personnel working in these areas, the CMA launched advanced examinations focusing on compliance and AML/CTF in cooperation with the in cooperation with the Financial Academy and CCL Academy. These exams are designed for compliance and/or AML officers working in the APs.

For more information, please contact the Institute of Finance – Customer Services Unit- via e-mail:  or Telephone # : 011-466-2866