Legal Affairs & Enforcement Deputy

Legal Affairs & Enforcement contributes to achieving the CMA's Policy Objectives of (a) fair investor outcomes, (b) market integrity, (c) financial stability, and (d) market development by drafting the rules and regulations that render capital markets fair, efficient and transparent, investigating potential violations and misconduct activities and enforcing penalties and orders against determined violators.

  • Drafting, amending and upgrading CMA's Implementing Regulations and other legislative materials related to CMA's mandate as instructed by CMA Board.
  • Providing internal legal advice and services that enable the CMA to achieve its strategic goals and Policy Objectives.
  • Drafting and overseeing all administrative legal documents that are to be utilized by the CMA (incl. drafting of contracts, agreements, MoU's, etc.).
  • Following a risk-based approach ensuring that high-impact violations against the Capital Market Law (CML) and its implementing regulations are investigated thoroughly
  • Handling all litigation proceedings brought against the CMA and protecting the CMA from all types of legal risks
  • Administering and leading all legal proceedings brought by the CMA against violators
  • Enforcing and following up on the execution of CMA and court issued decisions and penalties
  • Contributing to identifying and managing risks to policy objectives (arising from external or internal factors), and escalating as needed
  • Contributing to the Deputy's reporting on its activities and achievements and the implementation status of Board decisions
  • Contributing to advising the Board in preparation of Board decisions related to the Deputy's mandate
  • Synthesizing gathered intel and subsequently feeding suggestions for areas of policy development to Regulatory Policy Development function

The deputy contains the following departments:

  • Laws & Regulations
  • Legal Advice
  • Investigation
  • Litigation
  • Enforcement