Internal Audit Division

The Internal Audit Division contributes to achieving the CMA's Policy Objectives by ensuring the implementation of appropriate internal controls and that all CMA activities are in line with Royal Decrees, KSA Regulation, and CMA standards.

  • Developing, documenting  and planning all audit processes to ensure effective internal controls and compliance with the relevant internal codes and policies in line with internal and external stakeholder expectations
  • Ensure there is a proper internal financial control system.
  • Verify the accuracy of the financial data.
  • Ensuring the suitability of accounting policy adopted to prepare the financial statements.
  • Drafting comprehensive audit reports containing audit findings, observations and recommendations to address  findings and areas of non compliance
  • Coordinating with internal functions providing them with independent advice on how to optimize and improve their controls, etc.
  • Escalating significant findings  to senior management, escalating directly to the Board in the event that the issue imposes significant risk and has not been resolved in a timely and appropriate manner
  • Periodically reviewing and updating the Code of Conduct to ensure continued relevance in providing guidance to CMA staff
  • Designing and implementing a comprehensive compliance program for the CMA, including promoting a transparent, fair and orderly compliance culture throughout the organization
  • Contributing to the Division's reporting on its activities and achievements and the implementation status of Board decisions
  • Contributing to identifying and managing risks to policy objectives (arising from external or internal factors), and escalating as needed
  • Contributing to advising the Board in preparation of Board decisions related to the Division's mandate

The division contains the following departments:

  • Audit
  • Professional Ethics and Internal Compliance