Corporate Resources Deputy

​The Corporate Resources Deputy contributes to achieving the CMA’s Policy Objectives by ensuring that the necessary Human Resources, Financial Resources, Information Technology and other infrastructure are  available at a sufficiently high standard, allowing the organisation to operate effectively and efficiently.

  • Ensuring that human capital and talent is carefully selected, trained and enabled to a sufficiently high standard
  • Managing all CMA internal finances, including financial reporting,  and accounting, and ensuring compliance with Accounting standards and KSA Regulations
  • Maintaining CMA premises to ensure facilities and services are at a high standard of quality, allowing all CMA functions to operate effectively
  • Handling all procurement, sourcing and contract related activities, ensuring successful delivery by vendors and service providers against contractual obligations and SLAs
  • Undertaking all necessary logistical requirements, protocols and procedures to receive CMA guests as well as support external visits by CMA staff
  • Managing activities related to archiving, storing, and printing documents across all CMA functions
  • Ensuring adequacy of CMA’s internal governance mechanisms as well as the efficiency of internal processes across all CMA functions
  • Providing the suitable Information Technology support required to successfully meet all end-user business requirements, ensuring matters of cybersecurity, applications, infrastructure and data are in line with CMA standards
  • Contributing to identifying and managing risks to policy objectives (arising from external or internal factors), and escalating as needed
  • Contributing to the Deputy’s reporting on its activities and achievements and the implementation status of Board decisions
  • Contributing to advising the Board in preparation of Board decisions related to the Deputy’s mandate

The deputy contains of a division and 7 departments:

  • Information Technology Division
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Premises & Services Management
  • Procurement & Contracts
  • Protocol
  • Documents & Archiving
  • Operational Excellence