Advisory Committee

As part of the Capital Market Authority's (CMA) efforts to actively communicate with market participants and find a regulated mechanism for that to enhance its performance and achieve its objectives, and based on the Capital Market Law promulgated and pursuant to Royal Decree No. (M/30) dated 2/6/1424H, the CMA Board issued its resolution dated 2/11/1434 corresponding to 8/9/2013 to approve the CMA advisory committee. The committee will work towards providing suggestions and observations on any topics presented by the CMA Board to be studied in addition to discussing the observations of the market participants and monitor their reactions on any new developments or policies to be adopted by the Authority. They also provide their recommendations and opinions on all that would contribute to the development of the market and protect the investors.  The committee will exercise its tasks as a consulting party for the CMA Board. It is comprised of a number of part-time members from market participants, experts, specialists and experienced academicians  as the following:

  1. Mr. Ayman Alsayari
  2. Mr. Suhail Abanmi
  3. Mr. Fawaz Al-Fawaz
  4. Mr. Rakan A. Abunayyan
  5. Mr. Abdullah Alsuweilmy
  6. Mr. Abdulaziz A. Bin Hassan
  7. Mr. Khalid Al-Hussan
  8. Dr. Zeyad Khoshaim
  9. Mr. Abdulaziz Alshubaibi
  10. Mr. Abdulaziz Alkhamis
  11. Mr. Mutlaq Al-Buqami
  12. Dr. Abdullah Al-Shuwe’ir


A brief on the committee members can be found on the following link: