​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Capital Market Authority provides electronic services to achieve the vision of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of e-government transformation, which states "providing and developing integral, secure and effective e-services for different types of stakeholders i.e.; another Government Entity, private sector, individuals sector including citizens, residents and visitors through multiple types of electronic channels", and pursuant to the Council of Ministers resolution no. (40) dated 27/3/2006 regarding e-Government Implementation Rules.

Below is a list of electronic services provided by The Capital Market Authority:​

e-Services Provided to Citizens:

Time to complete the services according to CMA regulations

​File a Complaint

Beneficiaries: Individual Investors

  • Receiving and processing complaints
  • Receiving and processing transactions​
90 working days

Report a Violation

Beneficia​ries: Individual Investors

  • Receiving and processing the declaration​​
90 working days

Certificates validation

 Beneficiaries: Public

  • ​Certificates validation Service

​Receive Updates

​Beneficiaries: Public​


e-Services Provided to Business Sector:

e-ServiceDescriptionTime to complete the services according to CMA regulations

Complaint Services​

  • Receiving and processing complaints
  • Receiving and processing transactions​
​90 working days​

Authorisation E-Services “Authorisation System”

Beneficiaries: Capital Market Institutions and Applicants

  • An integrated electronic system which allows users to apply for an Authorisation to conduct Securities Business in the Kingdom, and to request for amending or changing their license.

  • The system allows users to know the Authorisation requirements, follow up with application status, and respond to CMA inquiries and comments.

Verification of CMA letter

Beneficiaries: Public


  • This service allows you to verify the CMA letter​


Listed Companies Services

Beneficiaries: Listed Companies in Capital Market​

  • Changes in the information for the Company's representatives before the CMA (disclosure models 1).
  • Request to review Form No. (3) concerning the CV of the candidate for membership of the board of directors of a joint stock company listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) .
  • ​disclosure models 8
  • ​General assembly system​


      Note: You may escalate when the service request is not processed within the given stated timeline via this link and fill the application.