Research Agenda

Through its Research Agenda portal, the CMA aims to build bridges of communications with independent researchers in academic institutions and research centers to conduct sound research serving different aspects of capital markets and CMA's primary functions.

Where the CMA periodically opens the door for submission to the research agenda project for all researchers in academic institutions and research centers by publishing the research areas periodically on its website and the time frame for submission, screening and selection.

Accordingly, researchers submit their research proposals in the areas under study through the electronic form designated for that. In turn, the CMA will review all researchers' requests, selects relevant topics and provides the necessary support to researchers.


Research Areas

The Capital Market Authority periodically updates the list of research areas to reflect the topics of importance to the capital market.

Batch II of Research Areas for 2021:

It's our pleasure to open doors for research proposals on the following fields:

  1. Crypto Assets.
  2. Financial Innovation & Fintech.
  3. Financial Sustainability.

How to Apply:

1-   Time frame

Proposals Submission Deadline18/11/2021

2-   Requirements

    • Researchers are selected according to the quality of their published work or the quality of the scientific conferences in which their work was presented, according to specific criteria.
    • The researcher/research team should be registered with an academic body, research center or related organization
    • The research centers be an academic body or affiliated with an academic body or a specialized research center. So that the research history and achievements of that body will be taken into consideration


3-   Submitting Research Proposals

To submit research proposals, please download the Proposal Submission Form, fill it out, and share it with us on the following e-mail:

Proposal Submission Form