Research Agenda


Through its Research Agenda portal, the CMA aims to build bridges of communications with independent researchers in academic institutions and research centers to conduct sound research serving different aspects of capital markets and CMA's primary functions.

It's our pleasure to open doors for research proposals on the following topics:

  1. Zakat and Tax for Investment Funds: Determining an appropriate zakat and tax treatment for investment funds to support the growth and development of the capital market sector.
  2. Unlicensed Activities: Investigating the magnitude and forms of unlicensed activities in the Saudi capital market and exploring potential policy remedies based on international best practices to reduce them.
  3. Market Manipulation: Evaluating the role of the CMA instructions and regulations in preventing market manipulation in the Saudi stock market. The objective is to assess the regulatory and supervisory role of the CMA with respect to investor protection.
  4. Advancement in Corporate Governance Regulation: Assessing the impacts of development in corporate governance regulations and practices on behavior of various types of investors.
  5. Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC): Studying the suitability of the Special Purpose Acquisition Company through:
    1. ​Understanding SPAC and its application globally.
    2. Evaluating the benefits and risks resulting from the availability of this type of product from several aspects, including the impact on the financial markets, the existing products and the attractiveness of the product.
    3. Reviewing the most prominent rules and regulations governing such companies.
      ​ ​

The CMA invites researchers in academic institutions and research centers to submit their proposals before March 31, 2021. Your interest and research passion is highly appreciated.  

How to Apply:

  1. Submit a research proposal on one of the presented topics via this electronic form​ , (The deadline for receiving research proposals for the current period has passed. An announcement will be made when it's time to receive proposals for the next period)
  2. CMA will evaluate the proposals received.​