The Capital Market Authority Calls for Public Consultation on the Amendment of One of the Articles of the Capital Market Institutions Regulations

The Capital Market Authority (“CMA") called upon relevant and interested persons participating in the capital market on the Draft Amendments of Article (77) of the Capital Market Institutions Regulations (“Draft Amendments") related to the returns on the client's money deposited in the client's account at the said institutions. This public consultation will last for a period of 15 calendar days, ending on 28/11/1445H, corresponding to 05/06/2024G.

The Draft aims to develop the provisions of Article (77) of the Capital Market Institutions Regulations to provide capital market institutions' clients with the opportunity to utilize their deposited money through investing in investment products and gaining returns.

The development contributes to enabling the capital market institution to provide a service to the client regarding their deposited funds, offering an opportunity to benefit from them. This enhances the level of liquidity in the capital market and expands the participation of institutions in investment product investments.

According to the Draft published by the CMA, it has been proposed to remove the provision of Paragraph (A) of Article (77) and add a new paragraph. This new paragraph would allow the capital market institution to provide a service to the client through which the funds in their investment account at the institution are invested and a return is provided on them. This is conditional upon obtaining the client's prior written approval to receive that service and the terms of providing it. The investment must be in short-term and low-risk products, in addition to complying with the requirements for understanding the risks and suitability, according to the provisions of these regulations.

The CMA announced that the comments of relevant and interested persons shall be taken into full consideration for the purpose of finalizing the Draft Amendments. Such comments can be posed through any of the following:

•The Unified Electronic Platform for Consulting the Public and Government Entities (Public Consultation Platform “Istitlaa"), affiliated with the National Competitiveness Canter (NCC) through the following link: ( ).

•The prescribed form through the following email: (

 The Draft can be viewed via the following link:

Draft Amendments of Capital Market Institutions Regulations

Prescribed form for providing comments