The Capital Market Authority announces the Initial Public Offering of (Chemanol)

The CMA is pleased to announce Methanol Chemicals Company (Chemanol) Initial Public Offering of (60,300,000) shares representing (50%) of the company`s total outstanding shares. Portion of the offered shares will be allocated for mutual funds. The company`s shares will be offered during the period from (10/8/1429 H) to (19/8/1429 H), which corresponds to the period from (11/8/2008G) to (20/8/2008G), once the book-building process is complete.


The company`s prospectus will be posted to the public prior to the subscription period by a sufficient time. The prospectus includes all relevant information that the investors need to know before making an investment decision, including the share price, company`s financial statements, activities and management.