Announcement by CMA Public offering of Saudi Arabian Mining Company (MA'ADEN) shares

The CMA is pleased to announce public offering of Saudi Arabian Mining Company (MA`ADEN) shares. The offering shall be for (462.500.000) shares representing (50%) of the company`s shares, a part of which shall be allocated for the mutual funds and authorized persons. Offering shall be made on basis of SR (20) per share (of a total par value of SR10 and premium issue of SR10), which is determined based on the Council of Ministers decision No. (72) dated 3/4/1427H. The subject matter shares shall be offered during the period starting from Saturday 2/7/1429H, corresponding to 5/7/2008, until Monday 11/7/1429H, corresponding to 14/7/2008.

Offered shares shall be allocated in two stages: (25) shares shall be allocated in the first stage to every subscriber, and the full required quantity, specifically (2000) shares as a maximum, shall be allocated, in the second stage, to everybody who applied for subscription in more than (25) shares, provided that the total allocated shares shall not exceed the offered shares, and the rest of these shares shall be allocated on pro rata basis.

The relevant prospectus, which includes all information that the investor may have to know prior to taking the investment decision, particularly share price and the company financial statements, as well as full information about it`s activity and management, shall be published by a sufficient time prior to the subscription process.