The Capital Market Authority Approved Jabal Omar Development Company’s Request to Increase its Capital Through a Rights Issue Offering

The CMA Board has issued its resolution number (1-13-2011) on 20/5/1432H (24/4/2011G) approving Jabal Omar Development Company’s request to increase its capital through a rights issue offering with a total value of SAR (2,580,000,000). The rights issue is limited to the shareholders who are registered in the shareholders registry at the close of trading on the extraordinary general assembly day, which will be determined by the Company's board. The price and number of offered shares will be determined by the Company during the extraordinary general assembly. After reviewing the request by the CMA in light of the regulatory requirements and quantitative and qualitative measures applied on all capital increases, the CMA approved the Company's capital increase request. The Company's rights issue prospectus will be posted for the public.