CMA approves the amendment to business profile for Al-Khabeer Capital Company

Al-Khabeer Capital Company had requested the CMA to amend its current Business Profile, which was licensed by the CMA’s Board of Commissioners under Resolution No. (2-36-2007) dated on 19/6/1428H, corresponding to 4th July, 2007.


Based on the Capital Market Law issued by the Royal Decree No. (M/30) on 2/6/1424H, and the Authorised Persons Regulations issued by the CMA Board of Commissioners via its Resolution No. 1-83-2005 on 21/5/1426H corresponding to 28th June 2005, the CMA Board of Commissioners issued on Sunday, 19/9/1431H corresponding to  August 29th, 2010, the approval to amend Business Profile of Al-Khabeer Capital Company to include conducting of the securities business activities of: Dealing as Principal, and Underwriter, Managing, Arranging, Advising and Custody.