Amending the Business Profile of Bait Almal Alkhaleeji

Bait Almal Alkhaleeji has requested to CMA to cancel the securities business activity of Dealing as Agent from its current Business Profile, which was issued by CMA’s Board of Commissioners under Resolution No. (7- 35 -2008) on 7/11/1430H, corresponding to 5th of November, 2008.


Based on the Capital Market Law issued by Royal Decree No. (M/30) on 02/06/1424H, and the Authorized Persons Regulations issued by CMA Board of Commissioners via its Resolution No. (1- 83- 2005) on 21/05/1426H, corresponding to 28th of June 2005, the CMA Board of Commissioners issued on Sunday, 11/05/1431H, corresponding to 25th of April, 2010, the revised Business Profile of Bait Almal Alkhaleeji for it to conduct the securities business activities of Managing, Arranging, Advising and Custody only.