Announcing the Issuance of ACRSD Final Decision Convicting a Violator of the Capital Market Law and its Implementing Regulations

In reference to the announcement of the General Secretariat of the Committees for Resolution of Securities Disputes (GS-CRSD) of issuing the Appeal Committee for Resolution of Securities Disputes' (ACRSD) its final decision No. (2674/L.S/2022) of 1444 H., dated 07/03/1444 H., corresponding to 03/10/2022, convicting the Islamic Investment Company of the Gulf (the Company) for violating Article (31) of the Capital Market Law, as well as Article (5) of the Securities Business Regulations.

The decision included the imposition of a number of sanctions on the Company as stated in the announcement published on the website of the GS-CRSD via the following link: (Link​).

The Capital Market Authority (CMA) would like to inform the investors that the CMA has started the enforcement of the said decision, and continues to follow-up with the Company to guarantee the execution of paragraph (3) of the said decision, by appointing certified auditors selected under the supervision of the CMA to list all the investments submitted by the Company, the number of joined investors, and the total value of gains or losses according to the signed contracts with the investors, as well as setting a method for the supervision of the CMA to guarantee the liquidation of the Company's investment assets and the return of all investors' capital within the Kingdom.

The CMA would like to assure that it is keen to preserve and protect the rights of all investors and the soundness of dealings in the Saudi capital market. The CMA will announce to the public in due time of any material developments in relation to this matter.