An Announcement of Publishing the Draft of Updated Mergers and Acquisition Regulations For Public Consultation

​Pursuant to the Capital Market Authority's role in developing and regulating the capital market, and to its endeavors to make the capital market more stable, in line with the National Transformation Program and Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, and based on the Capital Market Law issued by the Royal Decree Number (M/30) Dated 2/06/1424H, the CMA Board has issued its Resolution on publishing the draft of the updated Mergers and Acquisition Regulations seeking the comments and observations of the public, the concerned and the interested thereon, until  28/8/1438H corresponding to  24/5/2017G.
 It is worth mentioning the draft regulations aims to regulate mergers and acquisitions. This includes regulating mergers through the general assembly, offering proposals, mandatory and permissive offers and disclosure requirements, as well as demonstrating the timetables of these transactions, , Also a Provisions on Reverse Takeover and Demergers. 
CMA is pleased to receive the concerned and interested parties comments and observations through the following channels:

  • Email (;
  • Fax number (+966114906460); or
  • Mail address (P.O. Box 87171 Riyadh 11642, CMA Deputy for Legal Affairs and Enforcement – Laws and Regulations Department).

All comments and observations will be studied and considered for the purpose of issuing the final version of the draft regulations.

The draft regulations can be viewed via the following links:
Arabic Draft
English Draft