An announcement regarding the publication of the draft Prudential Rules for public consultation

As part of the CMA’s effort to enhance the protection of investors and maintaining a fair and stable market in which authorized persons remain financially sound and have adequate capital requirements, and based on the Capital Market Law issued by Royal Decree Number (M/30) Dated 2/6/1424 H, the CMA has prepared a draft Prudential Rules. The draft Rules is a reflection of the international best practice and standards.

The CMA Board has accordingly issued the resolution Number (1-17-2012) Dated 08/06/1433H 29/04/2012, which includes publishing the draft Prudential Rules on CMA’s website (indicated below) to enable concerned and interested parties to provide their comments and observations. The CMA would be pleased to receive such comments and observations either at the following email:, Fax number (+96612797683) or the mail address (P.O. Box 220022 Riyadh 11311 Legal Affairs Division) no later than Thursday 08/08/1433H 28/06/2012. All comments and observations will be taken into consideration for the purpose of issuing the final Rules.

Prudential Rules (English)