Revoking the Securities Business License of Alpha Team Company:

Under its resolution No. 6-33-2009 and due to several violations of the Capital Market Law & its implementing regulations, the CMA Board of Commissioners issued today Sunday 10/1/1431H corresponding to 2712/2009 its decision to revoke the license granted to Alpha Team Company based on the Capital Market Law issued by the Royal Decree No. (M/30) dated on 02/06/1424H, and the Authorized Persons Regulations issued by CMA Board of Commissioners on their Resolution No. 1-83-2005 dated on 21/5/1426H corresponding to 28/6/2005.

The CMA had authorized Alpha Team Company to conduct Arraigning & Advising activates in the securities business under resolution No. 2-192-2006 dated on 16/6/1427H corresponding 12/6/2006.