Cancellation of Authorization to Financial Investors Company

Financial Investors Company has requested CMA to cancel the authorization which was issued by the Board of Commissioners under Resolution no.7-31-2007 dated on 26/5/1428H, corresponding to 12/6/2007, to conduct securities business of Managing and Custody.  ِBased on the Capital Market Law issued by the Royal Decree No. (M/30) dated on 2/6/1424H, and the Authorized Persons Regulations issued by CMA Board of Commissioners on their Resolution No. 1-83-2005 dated on 21/5/1426H corresponding to 28/6/2005, the CMA Board of Commissioners issued today Sunday 27/11/1430H, corresponding to 15/11/2009 the approval for cancellation of the Authorization of  Financial Investors Company.