Announcement Imposition of penalties on companies that failed to disclose their annual financial statements for 2007

The CMA announces that the following companies:

·          Emaar the Economic City.

·          The Mediterranean & Gulf Insurance Company.

·          Anaam International Holding Group Company.

·          Malath Insurance Company.

·          SANAD Insurance Company.

·          Saudi Fransi Insurance Company.

·          SABB Takaful Company.

·          Ashargiyah Agriculture Company.


Have failed to disclose their results for the year 2007, within the period specified in article (26) of the listing rules, which quotes )The company must provide the Authority and announce to the shareholders its annual accounts (which must be prepared and audited in accordance with the accounting standards issued by SOCPA) as soon as they have been approved and within a period not exceeding 40 days after the end of the annual financial period to which they relate). As such delay is considered as a violation to the Capital Market Law, it is decided by the CMA Board to impose a penalty of SR 10.000 on each of these companies.