Announcement dissemination of draft copy of the offers of securities regulations for survey of opinions

As the CMA is seeking to develop and regulate the procedures and requirements for offers of securities, and pursuant to the CMA law which is promulgated by Royal Decree No.( M.30) dated 2/6/ 1424H, an  initial plan is established by the CMA for amendment of the offers of securities regulations, building on the international experience in this specific area, and after discussion of the matter with the competent  parties.


Since article five of the of the CMA law allows dissemination of draft rules and regulations prior to issue thereof, it is decided by the CMA Board to disseminate the subject matter regulations through the CMA site which is shown below for survey of the opinions of the competent parties prior to issue thereof.

Any opinions and comments may be addressed to e-mail  or fax (2797286) or  P.O. Box  220022, Riyadh 11311, attention Corporate Finance and Legal Department, within a period not later Monday 2/4/1429H, corresponding to 8/4/2008. Utmost care and attention shall be paid to such opinions and comments which shall be considered in formulation of the final regulations.


Click here to view the amendments to the draft regulations and glossary of definitions.