Chapter Two The Capital Market Authority - Article Seven

​a. The Authority shall have a board known as the “Board of the Capital Market Authority” comprising five members, who shall be natural Saudi Arabian persons working on a full time basis, and shall be professionally qualified. The Board members shall be appointed, and their salaries and financial benefits determined, by Royal Order. The Royal Order shall specify from the Board members the chairman and deputy chairman who will replace the chairman in his absence.

b. The term of membership of the Board shall be five years, renewable once. The member shall remain in his office on the termination of his membership term until a successor is appointed.

c. The Board shall set forth the Internal Regulations of the Authority and the manner in which the personnel, advisors, auditors and any other experts shall be appointed as may be necessary for carrying out the responsibilities and functions entrusted to the Authority. The Board shall determine their salaries and remunerations.

d. The Board shall exercise all authorities entrusted to the Authority in accordance with the provisions of this Law. The Board will specify how the Authority’s functions, responsibilities and operations will be organized among its divisions and departments.  The Internal Regulations of the Authority will set forth the requirements for the operation of these departments and divisions. Except for the powers conferred by this Law exclusively upon the Board, the Board may delegate, by a published resolution, any of its functions. The Board shall, however, at its discretion, retain the power to review the actions and decisions made by those who had been delegated with such powers. Such a review will be made at the Board’s initiative, upon the request of one of its members, or upon the request of a party to a lawsuit arising under the provisions of this Law and in compliance with the rules issued by the Authority.