Chapter Two The Capital Market Authority - Article Thirteen

​a. The financial resources of the Authority shall consist of the following:

  1. Fees for services and commissions charged by the Authority in accordance with the provisions of this Law and the regulations and instructions issued in pursuance thereof.
  2. Charges against using its facilities, return on its funds, and proceeds of the sale of its assets.
  3. Fines and financial penalties imposed on violators of the provisions of this Law.
  4. Funds provided by the government to the Authority.
  5. Any other resources determined by the Board.

b. The Board shall determine the fees to be paid to the Authority for the following matters:

  1. Registration of Securities with the Authority.
  2. Listing of Securities on the Exchange.
  3. Trading of Securities.
  4. Licensing and renewal of licenses of brokerage companies or investment advisers.
  5. Registration of investment funds.