Announcement concerning amendment to offers of securities regulations and the glossary used in CMA rules and regulations

Pursuant to Capital Market  Law which is issued by Royal decree No. M/30 dated 2/6/1424H, the CMA Board has passed its resolution No. 1-28-2008 dated 17/8/1429H, corresponding to 18/8/2008 concerning approval of amendment to offers of securities regulations and the glossary  used in the CAM rules and regulations.

Amendment to the above mentioned regulations and glossary confirms CMA incessant efforts towards establishing of proper and sound standards for regulating of the offers of securities in the Kingdom and development of the related aspects.

The regulations reflect all terms and conditions for offers of securities in the Kingdom, including public  offering and private placement requirements, information provided to investors, private placement announcements and responsibility for  any incorrect documents.

Amendment to these regulations  was built on the local and international experience and opinions of experts and all related parties. These regulations are deposited on CMA website: