Chapter Three The Stock Exchange - Article Twenty Five

​a. The Authority shall establish a committee known as the "Committee for the Resolution of Securities Disputes" which shall have jurisdiction over the disputes falling under the provisions of this Law, its Implementing Regulations, and the regulations, rules and instructions issued by the Authority and the Exchange, with respect to the public and private actions.  The Committee shall have all necessary powers to investigate and settle complaints and suits, including the power to issue subpoenas, issue decisions, impose sanctions and order the production of evidence and documents.

b. The Committee will consist of legal advisors specialized in the doctrine of transactions and capital markets, and experts in commercial and financial affairs and Securities.  The members of the Committee shall be appointed by a Board decision for a three-year term renewable. The members of the Committee must not have any direct or indirect financial or commercial interest or have a family relationship up to the fourth degree with the parties to the complaint or the suit brought before the Committee. The Committee must start considering the complaint or the suit within a period not to exceed fourteen days from the date of filing of the complaint or the suit with the Committee.

c. The Committee’s jurisdiction shall include claims against decisions and actions taken by the Authority or the Exchange and the Committee shall have the right to issue a decision awarding damages and request to revert to the original status or issue another decision as appropriate and that would guarantee the rights of the aggrieved.

d. The regulations and rules of the Authority shall specify the procedures that the Committee must follow regarding the complaints and the suits presented to it.

e. No complaint or statement of claim may be filed with the Committee without being filed first with the Authority and a 90 day period has passed from the filing date, unless the Authority notifies the grievant otherwise of the permissibility of submitting before the expiration of this period.

f. The Committee’s decision may be appealed before the Appeal Panel within thirty days from their notification date.

g. An Appeal Panel is to be formed by a Council of Ministers’ decision, and it shall have three members representing the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Bureau of Experts at the Council of Ministers. The members of the Appeal Panel shall be appointed for a three-year term renewable. The Appeal Panel shall have the discretion to refuse to review the decisions of the Committee for the Resolution of Securities Disputes, to affirm such decisions, to undertake a de novo review of the complaint or suit based on the record developed at the hearing before the Committee and to issue such decision as it deems appropriate in relation to the complaint or the suit. The decisions of the Appeal Panel shall be final.

h. At the Authority or the Exchange’s request, final decisions shall be enforced through the government agency responsible for the enforcement of judicial judgments.  Decisions issued in favor of the parties pursuant to Articles 55, 56 and 57 of Chapter 10 of this Law shall be enforced by such parties in accordance with the procedure for enforcement of judicial judgment in civil proceedings.

i. Evidence in Securities cases shall be admissible in all forms including electronic or computer data, telephone recordings, facsimile messages and electronic mail.