Chapter Ten Sanctions and Penalties for Violations - Article Sixty One

​a. The failure of a licensed broker or his agent to comply with any regulations and rules of the Exchange pertaining to the regulation of the work of brokers can give rise to disciplinary proceedings pursuant to the procedures established in the regulations of the Exchange. Upon discovering a violation of its regulations, the Exchange may file a claim with the Committee to impose a suitable sanction against the violator which may include the revocation of the license granted to it, suspension of said license, the imposition of a financial fine or obliging the broker to restitute the sums due to clients. A broker or his agent sanctioned may request the review of the decision by the Appeal Panel of the Committee.

b. The Authority may, pursuant to its powers under Article 59 of Chapter 10 of this Law, take necessary actions against brokers or their agents who fail to comply with the rules of operation of the Exchange.