The Capital Market Authority launches Batch III of 2022 Research Agenda to build bridges of Communications with Researchers

​​Through its Batch III of 2022 Research Agenda, the Capital Market Authority (CMA) aims to build bridges of communications with the researchers in academic institutions and research centers to conduct sound applied researches serving different aspects of capital markets and CMA's primary functions.

The study forms in the current year include measuring the impact of CMA’s regulation and instructions on the capital market, assessing listed companies’ board members’ roles and regulatory obligations, and the companies’ performance since listing, in addition to assessing the investment funds’ performance.    

Based on believing in the importance of scientific research, the CMA periodically opens the door for submission to the Research Agenda project for all researchers in academic institutions and research centers by publishing the research areas on its website and the time frame for submission, screening and selection.

Ahmad Alenizi, assistant deputy of the Capital Market Authority for Strategic and International Affairs, said that the CMA is keen on supporting the researchers, sponsoring research projects, and holding the workshops for discussing results and recommendations of studies and researches with concerned parties inside and outside CMA, in addition to connecting the academics with capital market issues and raising financial culture level among the public. 

The CMA seeks, through its research agenda, to improve the quality of research outputs related to the Saudi capital market in universities, research and academic centers, and aims to benefit from the results and recommendations of those research in supporting the development of the Saudi capital market and strengthening the supervisory role of the CMA". Alenizi added.

The Assistant Deputy indicated that the CMA, since the beginning of the research agenda in 2017, has supported 36 researchers representing 13 academic and research bodies. After the adoption of the new mechanism for the research agenda (publishing research agenda batches in the CMA website) in 2021, the CMA received approximately 66 research proposals, and the CMA worked to support a number of them according to the approved evaluation and selection methodology.

The CMA is inviting all researchers, in academic institutions and research centers, to submit research proposals, in the specific research areas, via visiting CMA official website and accessing the designated E-form.

To submit research proposals, download the Proposal Submission Form, fill it out, and share it with us on the following e-mail:

For more information, visit the following link:

Research Agenda

For the Research Agenda Guideline, visit the following link:

Research Agenda Guideline