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With a promising vision for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be a pioneer in the financial sector and in line with the strategic objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, CMA has supported Financial Technology (FinTech) since the launch of the FinTech Lab in 2018, aiming to keep pace with the Technology advancement in the capital Market. The FinTech ecosystem in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is characterized by its high attractiveness that allows companies to offer innovative services efficiently, due to the development of the technological infrastructure along with a high maturity level of e-government services, that all contributes to provision of information enabling FinTech companies to deliver automated services.

CMA is working to follow the best practices in regulating and facilitating technology, coming from its legislative role to FinTech companies to conduct their business efficiently within a supportive regulatory environment, which contributes to the national economy and in achieving the Financial Sector Development Program objectives. 

CMA has provided a simplified regulatory framework to attract innovative business models and emerging technologies that have the ability to shift the financial services industry to new horizons through facilitating financing, stimulating investment and promoting economic development, in an effort to build economic entities that enhance the depth and diversity of the Financial Sector. CMA has granted Permits to many FinTech companies of various activities allowing them to participate in the FinTech lab. CMA also launched the Saudi FinTech initiative to stimulate the FinTech environment through developing the FinTech infrastructure and supporting entrepreneurs in FinTech.

The lab is a legislative experimental environment that allows FinTech products and services to test their innovative business models with specific criteria, time period, regulatory requirements, and under the supervision of the Capital Market Authority. The FinTech lab attracts local and international firms located in the kingdom that provide financial products and services related to securities activity with innovative business models and ready for testing in an experimental environment.

CMA receives applications for obtaining a permit to experiment with The FinTech Lab throughout the year. The assessment of applications will be conducted through batches, kindly view the Financial Technology Experimental Permit Instructions and submit your request by filling and emailing the Application form.

 For further information you can communicate with CMA through the following email:



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