CMA: “The Smart Investor” Participates with 20 Activities in Global Money Week 2014

​The Capital Market Authority’s financial literacy program for children “The Smart Investor” with the collaboration of SABIC (the program’s official sponsor), participated in  the Global Money Week 2014 activities held between March 10-17.

The event is organized by Child and Youth Finance International on the second week of March each year and aims at empowering the next generation to be confident, responsible and skilled economic citizens. The event is held in over 80 countries worldwide with participating organizations and communities.

During the week, “The Smart Investor” participated for five days in the Riyadh International Book Fair. Cartoon characters from the “The Smart Investor” magazine toured the book fair floor and educated children and parents visiting the “The Smart Investor” stand at the book fair of the purpose of The Global Money Week and its activities. The book fair also marked the distribution of “The Smart Investor” magazine in its new English edition.

Over 4650 visitors thronged the “The Smart Investor” stand at the Riyadh International Book Fair, the majority of which were children and their accompanying parents.

“The Smart Investor” also visited 2 international schools in Riyadh where lectures and plays were presented in English language for the first time. Organizers of the program also visited 20 schools in Riyadh and Al Qunfudhah province.

Also during the week, organizers of the “The Smart Investor” financial program held two courses for 31 female college students at King Saud University to prepare them to become “The Smart Investor Ambassadors”. These students later independently conduct “The Smart Investor” lectures and courses to a wider segment of youth and children.

In addition, CMA received 18 students from (The Hope Institute for the Deaf) at the CMA central building in Riyadh. Organizers of “The Smart Investor” presented the financial lecture (7 steps) in sign language to the students.

“The Smart Investor” also organized a visit by 15 students from Dar Alqalm School to a local bank. Students were briefed with the various functions of the bank and went over the process of opening an account as well as what benefits and obligations they are allegeable to. Additionally, Global Money Week 2014 witnessed the launching of the second episode of “The Smart Investor” cartoon which introduces currency notes and explains the differences between each type.   

Throughout the Global Money Week 2014 CMA launched a digital campaign with a leading financial and economic information portal in KSA and the region. The campaign aimed at promoting CMA’s activities in Global Money Week and grabs the public attention to this international event and to spread it out widely.