To Enhance Job Opportunities, Hone Skills and Develop the Sector “CMA Announces Launch of GDP 11th Batch”

The Capital Market Authority (“CMA") launched today the Graduates Development Program (GDP) in its eleventh batch (2023-2024).

The CMA has launched the 11th GDP Program to recognize the importance of the qualified human element in developing and enhancing the securities sector, as the CMA aims to raise the level of knowledge and skills of graduates in the technical and regulatory aspects of the securities field to a level that qualifies them to enhance their opportunities of obtaining jobs in the capital market sector.

The 12-month GDP Program aims to qualify the on-the-job training nominated trainees through the practical application of the CMA's legislative and regulatory role and its relationship relevant to other entities, which shall pose trainees with required knowledge and expertise on the laws, regulations, and procedures relevant to the capital market.

The Program grant the trainees an opportunity to attend the preparation programs for professional certificates and conduct related exams, in addition to gaining competencies in teamwork, relationships with others, analytical thinking, and time management.

Within this context, the CMA's Director of Human Resources, Fahad Abdulaziz Alromeih, stressed the importance of the Program and its role in building national efficiencies in the financial sector, which is considered a successful outcome in the capital market through investment in human capital and adopting the most up-to-date and developed methods.

The CMA seeks to attract outstanding graduates who show our society's values and ideals, including: Desire to develop, seeking excellence, communication and consultation, taking care of society and bearing responsibility, Alromeih added.

The Program comprises specialized qualifying majors, and the nominated trainees shall be enrolled in each depending on their academic qualifications. The said majors are: Finance, Accounting, Law and Management. Also, the nominated trainee gets various benefits, including: Monthly salary allowance, annual leave, medical insurance, and registration in General Organization of Social Insurance (GOSI), in addition to joining the in-house training courses. 

It is worth noting that, the GDP is one of the CMA's initiatives to qualify and train graduates, as the CMA has trained about 350 trainees up to 2022.

For more information and terms and conditions for joining, kindly visit the Program page:

CMA's Graduates Development Program (11th Batch)