CMA publishes Circulars Issued for Listed Companies on Its Website

​As a continuation to the Capital Market Authority’s efforts  in improving and developing of all that would enhance the confidence of participants in the capital market, and how such confidence is important to the growth of the capital market, and based on CMA's role in regulating and developing the capital market along with achieving fairness, efficiency and transparency in securities transactions, CMA operates in accordance with its regulatory duties in setting appropriate initiatives and procedures which will enhance the principle of disclosure and adopt best global governance standards in addition to adding value for relevant stakeholders such as legal advisors, auditors and other participants in the capital market, and to protect investors throughout continuance development of the current practices with regard to informing the public with regulatory aspects related to listed companies. Accordingly, CMA will start to publish the circulars issued to listed companies on its website. Publishing these circulars allows the public to have an available access to the most recent regulatory updates set by CMA and the consequent obligations on listed companies which will contribute to raise the level of governance and increase participants’ awareness in the capital market.