CMA: “Smart Investor” Program reaches 4 million children in 2014

​The smart investor program (an awareness program of the Capital Market Authority) was successful throughout the year 2014 in expanding the scope of social, cultural, and economic activities in the schools it visited. The program worked on increasing the number of target groups.

According to data, more than four million people participated in the Smart Investor’s events. The Smart Investor program provided awareness magazines, lectures, seminars, and presentations designed to develop financial awareness among young people. The program effectuated different appearances last season with the sponsorship of SABIC. The program is based on the implementation of a set of national organizations specialized in financial education.

The data also shows that within the last season, the program participated in nineteen events (exhibits, lectures, and theatrical performances) in six cities.

The Smart Investor visited several cities including Riyadh, Jeddah, Jubail, Hail, Al-Ahsa, and Al-Khobar. The program also participated in a book fair in Riyadh from March 4th-12th, 2014, which had around 200 million and 400 thousand visitors. There were other participations and activities in the National day, Global Money Week, Universal Children’s day, International Hail Rally, the Saudi Aramco festival, and the Spring Festival in Jubail. The program visited 285 schools in 12 cities (250 schools for boys and 75 schools for girls) and during these visits, 12,500 Smart Investor packages were distributed along with tens of thousands of packages that were distributed in other occasions.

The Smart Investor program is a financial awareness program for the community. It helps young people make smart financial decisions, especially students between the ages of 9-14. The main task of the program is to provide rules and ideas about correct financial dealings; these rules will be demonstrated by positively educating students about financial literacy by using interactive material with target groups. The aim is to establish a generation that is financially prepared and can positively interact with the community. The program also aims to educate students in the matter related to financial transactions in everyday life, teach them the principles of money management (investing and saving) and introduce them to the approach of relevant financial transactions.

The program provides Islamic values and ethics towards money rights and obligations. There will also be a team of consultants and professionals in the field of financial transactions and education. Under the supervision of the Capital Market Authority, The team will develop financial and scientific frameworks for the preparation and content of the program; this will provide and educational and scientific reference for the target group.